Artist Statement

My works include watercolor portraits: “guiding lights” inspirational personalities, and landscapes that often contain a socio-environmental narrative. I work both commercially as an illustrator and exhibit as fine artist.

My aspiration for painting portraits in watercolor, is that the fluid medium will capture the spark of life. For me, flesh, with its unbroken form resembling fluid pigment, lends itself to depiction in paint. These works are a balance of control and accident. Studying another’s face for drawing or painting is a deeply emphatic exercise, as their features and quirks reveal a sort of perfection of form and creation. Many of these personalities are my “guiding lights”, heroes of mine in the music world.

This series of landscape paintings, exhibited as “Seen/Unseen,” is an ongoing body of work that sets our collective use of technology against the natural environment. My subject matter aligns with the social realists while my formal painting techniques evoke the Hudson River School of Painting. My hope is to both seduce the viewer with sumptuously-depicted landscapes and introduce a more nuanced narrative. I don’t intend for my work to dwell on the negative aspects of human advances, although I do intend to create a conflicted reaction after an initial seduction. Im as ambivalent about living under the influence of these technologies as anyone and present these works as open-ended questions.

This body of work began with the “Stealth Towers,” real and fantastic cell-phone infrastructure camouflaged as pine trees, church steeples, flagpoles, barn silos and totem poles. A persistent, symmetrical composition orders the picture plain, suggesting an object of worship, as church steeples were once the tallest structures in the landscape. Part and parcel of painting these subjects is the admiration of the inherent achievement of a mechanization hidden from ourselves. In fact, these paintings have been revelatory for some people, for those who were not aware of what was in plain sight.

In the “drone” paintings, I attempt to neuter the ramifications of our on-going quest to covertly control the sphere geo-politically long enough for the viewer to suspend negative connotations and appreciate the sci-fi quality of what’s actually going on. Drone warfare remotely places us in the landscape on a continuum of epic adventure and exploration. On the other hand, I believe unmanned aerial vehicles act as unwitting “ambassadors” of U.S. policy.